Wake Forest Baptist Health Power Plant

Maya Angelou Center for Women’s Health

Salem Electric Company was tasked with installing three new emergency generators for the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. An existing landscaping shop was demolished to make room for the 5,000 square foot gear room. Lighting had to be reworked and a new fire alarm had to be installed before installation of the generators could commence. The generators and all the necessary equipment and electrical lines were installed over a period of a year-and-a-half without any major problems. Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center stayed in service the entire time.

  • Installation of 3 new emergency generators (1,750 KW, 1,825 KW, and 2,250 KW)
  • Installation of 3 new 1,600 ton chillers
  • Over 6 miles of conduit
  • Automatic transfer switches routes emergency power to generators during a power outage